Last year’s difficult negotiations between the Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM) and Stefano Domenicali, the CEO of the Formula One Group, and Greg Maffei (CEO Liberty Media) led to widespread speculation that the future of the Monaco Grand Prix was far from assured.

Just how difficult the talks were was underlined in recent comments made by long-serving ACM president Michel Boeri, on which we reported.

Prince Albert said in Monaco Matin on Saturday that Monaco won’t lose its Grand Prix in the next few years, because both parties will find a compromise.

However, the Sovereign added that he would prefer to see a different representative negotiate on behalf of ACM in the new negotiations in 2025.

“Domenicali and Maffei have told me what their plans are for the future of Formula 1. They want to make the races more dynamic and attractive, but they have also made it clear to me between the lines that a season without the Monaco GP is actually not possible. Monaco remains very special for everyone in F1. You cannot treat Monaco like the other F1-circuits. Of course, there are difficult issues in the negotiations and it becomes a form of tug-of-war, but not much needs to change. There are agreements that we cannot simply set aside and we have a limited space within which we have to work. I am convinced that there is always a solution to a problem and that both sides will reach a compromise,” Prince Albert said.   

“In 2025 there will be a new evaluation and then it will mainly be about sponsorship, TV production and merchandising. Both parties have an interest in this. But I also know that the Monaco GP holds a very special place in the season’s racing calendar,” the Prince continued.

The Prince expressed his gratitude to Mr Boeri, and added that… “we are now facing a new era. Ecclestone’s time is a thing of the past. We have to move on and look into the future. I do not blame Boeri for finding it difficult to adapt to the new situation, but then it might also be better if someone else were to negotiate on behalf of the ACM, for example Vice-President Ferry, who was already present at many negotiations.”

Michel Boeri also serves as Chairman of Monaco’s Crown Council.