Monaco’s Nick Danziger and director of Picture People, a not-for-profit, completed their first visual storytelling workshop on the Thai-Myanmar border for young orphans and migrants from across Myanmar who have fled the war and lack of schools in their villages.  The exhibition and film screenings were held in Mae Sot, Thailand, and attended by over 200 people.

“It was good to have restarted our in-presence workshops for vulnerable communities and young people affected by conflict,” said Nick. “Covid forced us to stop these trainings, but we’re now facing a new challenge as funding is not what it used to be and with so much of the world’s attention focused on Ukraine, other peoples have been forgotten.  Almost all our students from Myanmar are without families, sleeping in dormitories and are homesick and wanting to return home.”

Some of the videos produced by the young people can be viewed here.  Anyone wishing to donate an unused iPhone (iPhone X onwards) for these trainings please get in touch with Picture People at