HSH Prince Albert was very proud after the victory of Monaco’s Roca Team over Maccabi Tel Aviv. He said in an interview with SKWEEK-TV: “This success gives Monaco a boost, we have experienced something like this with football before but basketball has developed excellently in recent years and we are now starting to reap the benefits. This is not only a sporting success for Monaco but simply a wonderful moment for the Principality in general. It will give a boost to our country. I am very proud and happy.” 

The head of state was captivated from start to finish by a duel of two top teams that challenged each other constantly. “It was a match with a very high intensity. At one point I thought it would become psychologically too tough for Monaco with six minutes to play, but the team managed to get out of that difficult situation. It’s formidable to end up winning the fifth game this way and to qualify for the Final Four. This is extraordinary and historic.”

The Prince is very pleased with the development of the Roca Team: “It played at a much lower level not so long ago and that is why it is wonderful that it has made such an advance. It’s actually incredible.” 

He was clear about the team’s chances in the Final Four: “Being in the semis gives us the right to dream. Of course, Roca Team has a chance to win the EuroLeague. We are still two games away from that but the opponents are very experienced and Monaco is a newcomer at that level. It will be very difficult to play the last two games, but we have to believe in our chances.”

PHOTO: Prince’s Palace