During the last weekend of April, HappyFewRacing held its first event of season 2023, the sixth edition of the Rallye Père-Fille.

As usual the crews came from all over: the United States, South Africa, Australia, Vietnam, and several European countries. They met in Monaco to live three days of quality time between fathers and daughters.

In addition to a highly amusing route that was the longest ever – 500 km – and that the crews seemed to have enjoyed a lot, the program was full of surprises. For example, a private dinner at the Musée Océanographique or the closing lunch a stone’s throw from the Prince’s Palace.

The Rallye Père-Fille is also a regularity rally. At this, Jean-Francois and Louise were the most precise. And as they drove the race with a Mercedes AMG GT-R, they ended the domination by Classic Cars domination after five years! All five past editions were won by classic cars.

The car that was chosen by participants as their love at first sight is the Dino 246 GT (L) of Sébastien and Fleur.

A new logo was launched in to distinguish the Rallye Père-Fille a little more from its older brother Rallye Père-FilsTM, that has been organised by HappyFewRacingTM since 2012.

In a few days’ time fathers and sons will take part in the 100-percent Ferrari rally Padre-Figlio.

The F40-35 rally is reserved for Ferrari F-40 and aims to celebrate its 35-year anniversary in June. For all dates in the second part of the year and the rallies with still some available spots visit: www.HappyFewRacing.com

PHOTO: Fathers and daughters on a previous rally