An employee of Société des bains de mer has appeared in court after the discovery of a video recording device on a toilet seat in a staff changing room in the Hôtel de Paris.

The victim noticed a flashing light that was part of the camera installed on the underneath of the seat.

The defendant was dismissed from his post after failing to persuade the victim to keep quiet about his crime.

“Clearly, fumed Me Maeva Zampori, “this despicable character wanted to view the private parts of my client. He strongly dissuaded her not to speak about it to the management… This is the typical behaviour of a predator,” local French-language daily Monaco Matin reported.

Questioned by President Florestan Bellinzona, the culprit said that his attempted recording was a failure. The Police were not able to find any images on his telephone relating to the toilet incident.

The Criminal Court took the case very seriously but fell short of the prosecutor’s demand for several months in jail. The defendant was sentenced to six-months suspended, preceded by 15 days unsuspended and the payment of 3,000 euros in damages to the complainant.