Canada’s largest shipbuilder Davie announced funding of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation’s Canadian branch on Thursday, April 27, for the expansion of the Arctic Corridors and Northern Voices program.

This program trains Inuit communities in advanced technologies to map culturally sensitive areas in order to inform policy and planning for Arctic marine use and oceans governance. Davie’s initial funding of $150,000 will allow the program to be extended to other Indigenous communities whose regions have not yet been included in the program and who have requested to take part.

“It is by listening to the voices of Indigenous peoples, as well as those of scientists, that we will be able to better know and understand these vulnerable environments in order to better protect them,” said HSH Prince Albert, before adding: “In this regard, the collective approach of the Arctic Corridors project, alongside Canadian Arctic communities, academics and ship operators, is to be applauded, as they work to identify low-impact shipping lanes and the creation of new marine protected areas.”

Discover more about the Arctic Corridors project in the video below.

Dr Jackie Dawson, lead researcher and associate professor and Canada Research Chair in Environment, Society and Policy at the University of Ottawa, featured in the video, commented: “Funding from the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation (CANADA) and Davie will allow us to extend the Arctic Corridors program to other Inuit communities who want to take part. Combining western technologies and training with Inuit knowledge has proven to be a highly successful formula in supporting national and international ocean policy.”

“Davie and the National Icebreaker Centre’s role in building a new fleet of icebreakers for the Canadian Coast Guard is of paramount importance to conservation programs and Indigenous communities in the Arctic,” added Dawson.

The president of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation’s Canadian branch, Dr Diane Vachon noted: “The Principality of Monaco and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation have long been global hubs for both the marine industry and ocean conservation, sharing many common values with Canada, holder of one-third of the world’s Arctic. As such, bridging the gap between the marine industry and conservation efforts is a natural fit for the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. We are proud to have Davie as partners in this program.”