Monaco’s telecoms provider is continuing the process of replacing the copper network with fibre, Christophe Pierre, Monaco’s Director of Digital Resources, told a press conference on Thursday. This is a process that must be accelerated, he said.

Martn Peronnet, Monaco Telecom’s Director-General, pointed out that this is not a decision taken in isolation. The replacement of copper by fibre circuits is an unavoidable European process.

Mr Peronnet added that fibre is less expensive to maintain and more reliable. The November 29 outage was in copper-based equipment, he said and soon t will not be possible to source spare parts for copper installations.

In Monaco, only six percent of fibre installations are problematic, each one taking about two hours. Seventy percent are free charge.

Fibre circuits result in 20 percent fewer repair call-outs and copper networks are more prone to overload and slowing down at times of peak usage.

For businesses, where continuity is of key importance, fibre is far preferable, Mr Peronnet said.

PHOTO: Patrick Bouffel Chief Technical & IT Officer, Christophe Pierre, Director of Digital Resources, and Martin Peronnet, Monaco Telecom’s General Director, with samples of copper wiring and fibre (on the right)