The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco hosted the first-ever Open Space Forum on Tuesday, with discussions focussed on projects to assess the over-exploitation of marine resources, in which Monaco will play a major part.

France’s National Centre for Space Studies (CNES), a government agency, is combining its expertise with Monaco in this new wide-ranging program.

Isabelle Rosabrunetto, Director-General of the Department of External Relations and Cooperation of the Government of Monaco, said that the over-exploitation of marine resources, the construction of facilities at sea, the boom in yachting and yachting tourism, means that decision-makers must put in place mechanisms for prevention, monitoring and rapid response. This requires Space, she said.

The NewSpace project will employ satellites as an early warning system, check on yachts’ compliance with the rules of the sea, and monitor marine pollution.

Armelle Roudaut-Lafon, Monaco’s Director of Maritime Affairs, said that NewSpace will help preserve the oceans.

The publication SpaceNews reported 18 months ago that Monaco is already playing an active role in Space. The company Orbital Solutions Monaco (OSM) is one of only two space companies in the Principality, and the only one involved in the NewSpace sector.

“The firm launched Monaco’s first nanosatellite just one year after starting its activity in 2020. OSM has also pioneered an innovative scheme designed to help companies to accelerate the deployment of their fleet of small satellites for commercial applications without any upfront costs. OSM focuses on the application of miniature satellite technologies to the environment, climate and education, and also has an important pipeline of innovative commercial projects that it intends to develop,” SpaceNews said.

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