The ambitious project to rebuild the Café de Paris, add another two floors and open in time for the summer season has run into difficulties.
The Société des Bains de Mer blames “Optimistic considerations in 2022”.

Work on the site started in March 2022, and the timeframe of 16 months “did not take into account any setbacks that could be encountered in this type of project. These hazards have added to the difficulties linked to the international context, relating to the supply times for many materials. This is the reason why the opening of the Brasserie Café de Paris is therefore postponed until the end of of October, and that of the Amazonico restaurant, to a later date.”

SBM said the decision to put back the target for completion was made at the end of last week after a meeting of all site managers.

The plan includes an extra 3,000 square metres of useable space, including the rooftop Amazonico restaurant and several new shops.

PHOTO: SBM’s ambitious new Café de Paris ARTIST’S IMPRESSION: © Perrot & Richard architectes – Alexandre Giraldi