International Wildlife Day will be marked on Friday, March 3, as well as the 50th anniversary of the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna, CITES.

The objective of the day is to recall the importance of the conservation of wild species, which are also essential for human survival. Very committed on the international scene in terms of the preservation of biodiversity and protection of endangered species, the Prince’s Government, represented by the Directorate of the Environment, participates fully in updating the CITES Appendices which determine the level of protection of endangered wild species.

In Monaco, the Department of the Environment, as the management body for the application of the CITES, controls any commercial transaction relating to a species listed in the Appendices CITES and issues the necessary documents for the secure management of trade in species and their products.

The last Conference of the Parties to CITES was held in Panama in November 2022 (COP19)

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ORIGINAL SOURCE & ILLUSTRATION: Monaco Government Press Service