Monaco’s German International Club invited Dr Ralph de Sigaldi, a long-time generalist and caregiver for seniors, to report in detail about those services for the over-60s who need it at home and the comprehensive range of services offered by the Rainier III Geriatric Centre.

Dr de Sigaldi also provided information about the various housing options in retirement homes. He also presented a recent, very interesting research project on Geriatric Brain Stimulating Techniques, conducted by Director Dr S. Louchart de la Chapelle from the Centre Rainier III.

Addressing another important issue, the creation of living wills and advance directives was extensively reviewed by attorney Sandra Landais, of CMS Monaco.

A champagne aperitif was served, followed by an excellent dinner in the Automobile Club restaurant.

PHOTO: Sandra Landais, of CMS Monaco and Dr Ralph de Sigaldi are thanked by co-presidents Patrick Wetzel and Beatrix Von Dellingshausen