A delegation of 35 business leaders from Thailand attended an enthusiastic meeting with members of the Monaco Economic Board on Monday, February 20.

All the delegates are members of the prestigious think tank Nation-Building Institute, whose President, Kriengsak Chareonwongsak, said that the event “can be the door that will open a new era in the relationship between Thailand and Monaco, and all of you are the keys to that door.”

This was not the first time that Monegasque and Thai businesses had come together to discuss mutual interests. In 2021 the Thai ambassador to France and Monaco held talks with the MEB and sectors of activity had already been identified to intensify exchanges between the two countries, Monaco’s Economic Board said.

Areas of mutual interest are concentrated in sectors such as health/wellness, real estate, information technology and tourism.

PHOTO: Régis Bergonzi, Honorary Consul of Thailand in Monaco, Siraveth Sukhanetr, Honorary Consul of Monaco in Thailand  Kriengsak Chareonwongsak, President of the Nation-Building Institute, and Guillaume Rose, Director of MEB. Monaco Economic Board