Two sisters, aged 25 and 27, attacked three police officers close to Rascasse in the early hours of Sunday, January 29, Monaco’s Criminal Court was told.

The two young ladies, one a home help and the other a supermarket cashier, attacked the forces of law and order with punches to the face, according to the police, who had questioned the boyfriend of one of the females, local French-language daily Monaco Matin reported.

One of the law enforcement victims, also a woman, had to be taken to CHPG and was given a day off work.

CCTV footage appeared to corroborate the police evidence and prompted the prosecuting counsel to tell the two: “When you come to party in Monaco you don’t come to stir up trouble… That evening, the defendants damaged a uniform. It’s not pleasant to be insulted, jostling, punched, when you enforce the law. Alcohol does not explain everything. So that we do not see these young ladies again, I am asking for two months suspended sentence and a temporary ban on coming to Monaco.”

The culprits blamed the effect of drink and apologised.

However, the court was unmoved and sentenced the two women to two months in jail, suspended. In addition, they must pay the sums of 1,500, 1,000, and 500 euros to the three police officers. They were banned from all drinking establishments in Monaco for two years, with dancing also expressly prohibited.