A man serving a one-year sentence for pimping has been brought before Monaco Criminal Court charged with making a gesture with his middle finger to a police lieutenant, as reported by French-language daily Monaco Matin.

The hapless defendant said he had been simply waving: “I waved my hand. But it was to warn my girlfriend that I was going down. That is to say, prison.”

However, the tribunal was not buying this interpretation of events, bearing in mind that he has 19 criminal convictions in France, including carrying and using weapons, threats, thefts, aggravated thefts, driving without a license, violence, narcotics, concealment, taking the name of a third party…”

The prosecution demanded an additional three months behind bars, but the court decided to reduce this to one month, delaying his release from prison until September 18.

PHOTO: The ornate interior of Monaco’s courthouse