Clara Moussa Boustany has initiated discovery proceedings in the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida against Stephen Valkenborg and Makram Abboud, as part of her divorce from Fadi Boustany (55), for which she filed last year in Monaco.

The very private Boustany family owns the 126-room Hotel Metropole in Monte-Carlo and Fadi is actively involved in the family foundation, based in Monaco and Switzerland. According to the foundation website: “Today, the Boustany Foundation is actively engaged in promoting and managing scholarship and aid programmes – all of which have ambitious plans for further development, global reach and scope. New scholarships for talented and promising individuals are progressively being created.”

Fadi Boustany’s father, Nabil Boustany, bought the Metropole Hotel in 1980, having made his fortune in luxury real estate in Lebanon, Canada and the Middle East. Fadi Boustany was born in Lebanon but raised mostly in Switzerland, and he was in his 20s when he and his brother, Magid, took over the Metropole. His only previous hotel experience was as a guest, according to

Fadi has strong connections with the UK, having obtained his BA at Brighton University, 1989, and his MBA at Cambridge University, 1994. He has been President of Metropole Group, Monaco, since 1999.

FILE PHOTO: The luxurious lobby of the Hotel Metropole Fair Use