The global biopharmaceutical company with a focus on the prevention of photodamage and the reduction of skin cancer held a very successful evening at Monte-Carlo One on Saturday at which the guests were investors and collaborators and Minister of Finance Jean Castellini.

The chairman of the first publicly listed pharmaceutical company seated in Monaco, Dr Philippe Wolgen, explained that the company is focussed on discovering treatments for sun damage and intolerance to light. Significantly, given the country’s skin cancer problems, Clinuvel is listed on the Australian stock exchange.

The company started out originally many years ago researching into artificial sun tans and evolved its focus into sun protection.

Having turned around its fortunes 17 years ago Clinuvel has developed its hallmark treatments for debilitating diseases such as EPP (Erythropoietic protoporphyria), an intolerance to light, at lower cost than the average for drug development by a factor of eight.

The company has substantial reserves and is consolidating its business on a global basis ahead of the launch of a new product, Cyacelle, a very high protection skin cream.

Clinuvel is translating its 30-year history of pharmaceutical innovation, photoprotective technology and knowledge not only to serve a medical but also a specialised consumer market – people at highest risk of solar damage.


PHOTO: Top, Minister of Finance jean Castellini, Dr Linda Teng – Head of Clinuvel’s North American operations, and Dr Philippe Wolgen, Clinuvel Chairman, Below: Cristina Ramos wowed the room with her combination of classical and popular numbers, accompanied by Elzbieta Fringant, while Monaco’s Zhang Zhang and her colleagues sparkled throughout the evening Ian and Martina Brodie