EMAX, the sales leader in the sale of exclusive luxury properties in Dubai, begins a tour of duty in famous locations of Europe, presenting properties signed by the most famous designers of the planet, the company says.

After the success of similar events in Bucharest and Constanta, EMAX is heading towards its target beneficiaries, right in their home. On September 10 – 11 the company is the host of the first event in the series, held at the Le Meridien Beach Plaza Hotel, Monte Carlo.

Those who reserve a property benefit from a free trip to a 5-star hotel in the capital of world luxury, Dubai.

The interior designer’ signatures belong to the biggest names in the field and bring a unique luxury real estate offer on the market. The company attracts buyers from the luxury centres of ​​the continent, going directly to them right in their favorite location, Monaco.

Andreea Popa, owner of EMAX, said: “Our initiative is unique and it is a natural step on from the successes in Bucharest and Constanta: “We invented and refined the recipe, we multiply it in luxury locations on the old continent so that potential buyers know that their level of life and living will be the one expected in the new global El Dorado of luxury, Dubai”.

REGISTRATION CAN BE MADE HERE: https://emax-realestate.ro/realestate-dubai-europetur-