Well-known and respected Monaco businessman Claude Cohen has been the target of a ‘fake news’ article and comment on Ukraine social. Chairman of the Monaco Legend Group, Mr Cohen was said to be the subject of investigation into sanctions busting Russian conflict with Ukraine.

When contacted by NEWS.MC, Mr. Cohen said the report was “total nonsense and that experts had found a connection with political spammers.”

The false report prompted the Monaco Legend Group to circulate an email among their many contacts in Monaco. They wrote: “Dear friends and customers. Sadly, we have been made aware that our chairman Claude Cohen has been the subject of a completely unjustified attack via an online article on a fake news website. The
piece includes both ridiculous and untrue claims to leverage the spammy political propaganda and whilst we do not wish to draw any unnecessary attention to this, we do wish to publicly reassure those of you who have been very worried about us and want to know how best to help us. Thank you so much for your concern, it has been so
comforting, and we are very grateful to each of you for your kindness.

“In many ways, this nonsense does not justify any response, however, in order to protect and preserve our hard-earned reputation, Monaco Legend Group is actively working with our legal team and the relevant authorities and experts to challenge those responsible for this defamation of character. We have been overwhelmed by the
outpouring of support and friendship that we have received in the last 24 hours, and we thank you all.

Yours, Claude Cohen and Davide Parmegiani.”

The fake story itself was well-written and convincing, albeit totally false in its representations. However, other sections of the website, which claims to carry serious news articles, raise suspicions that the authors of the content are not themselves native English speakers and Cyber investigations evidence Ukraine IP addresses.

An example of this is the ‘Our Staff’ section: “Kyle M. – Founder. The idea of The American Reporter landed this businesswoman to the digital avenue. Kyle brought life to this idea and rendered all that was necessary to create an interactive and attractive platform for the readers. Apart from managing the platform, she also contributes her expertise in business niche.”

The misuse of articles strongly suggests an east European connection. Disinformation for leverage political manipulation is a scam for the readers, Mr Cohen is clearly neutral to all political discussion on the web.