A violent and extremely brutal attack on three police officers sent them all to hospital during this year’s Grand Prix, Monaco’s Criminal Court was told.

A very drunken Cypriot had tried to force his way into the FG1 paddock at about 06:45 in the morning of Sunday, May 29, and his intentions were noticed by overnight security and police officers were called, local French daily Monaco Matin reports.

In the courtroom, one of the police officers recounted the events: “We had told this man three times that it was forbidden to enter the enclosure. He got angry and threatened and pushed us away with his hands. As the situation was getting worse, we decided to stop him.”

The culprit, a 40 year-old, had no criminal record and later apologised, saying he had spent the previous night drinking on a boat. He was not present in court to hear the sentence of two months suspended, a fine of 500 euros and damages to each of the police officers of 1,000 euros.