A mobile application for the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation was unveiled at the Monaco Crypto Summit at the Grimaldi Forum on Friday, July 29.

The App, built on the DigitalBits blockchain, allows benefactors to make donations in DigitalBits cryptocurrency and to purchase NFT tickets to select events, but also to support various FPA2 projects dedicated to ocean conservation, the protection of emblematic species and the promotion of sustainable development. DigitalBits is fast and eco-friendly compared to many other blockchains.

The FPA2 application and embedded crypto wallet will also be used during several events which will take place in Monaco and abroad throughout the year. It will allow attendees to register and enable the use of DigitalBits cryptocurrency as donations in support of various FPA2 projects.

PHOTO: Left, Al Burgio, founder DigitalBits Blockchain, right, Olivier Wenden, Vice President of the FPA2