While also being an important club in the world of football, AS Monaco is also a pillar in the Principality. This week the club mobilised to bring the Princess Grace Hospital Centre’s Blood Transfusion Centre to a symbolic milestone of blood donations.

Around thirty employees of the club visited the centre on Tuesday, June 21, each donating to the program, bringing the number of donations collected in 2022 to the symbolic figure of 1,000.

ASM Managing Director Jean-Emmanuel de Witt also visited the CHPG on Wednesday, June 22 by the Head of the Blood Transfusion Center, Dr Hervé Renard and Christine Boggiano, President of the Association of Blood Donors of Monaco. Mr de Witt visited the facilities after donating blood.

Although the number of donations made is increasing this year, there is still a way to go before Monaco can become self-sufficient in blood. While 2,000 blood donations are projected by the end of this year, the number necessary for complete self sufficiency stands at 5,000. Monaco currently has to import more than half of its blood bags from France.

“The needs in Monaco are 5,000 blood donations per year. While we collected 1,600 donations in 2020, then 1,800 in 2021, this year we should exceed 2,000 donations. Nevertheless, although we are getting closer to our final goal, Monegasque self-sufficiency, the target remains important,” said Dr Hervé Renard, before adding that “This is why operations such as the one set up by AS Monaco are essential for us. Thanks to the commitment of the Club’s employees, we have just exceeded the symbolic bar of 1,000 donations in 2022. Thank you to AS Monaco for its great mobilisation.”

To participate in the effort, it is possible to donate to the CHPG throughout the year, on Tuesday from 8:00 to 14:00, on Wednesdays from 10:00 to 15:00 and on Thursdays from 8:00 to 14:00. Visit the CHPG blood donation site here.

The Club also celebrated a 1:0 victory in a friendly match against Belgian side Club Brugge on Saturday, with the only goal of the fixture coming from Anthony Musaba.