Just a few days after the hospital and its staff were given the recognition of a World Health Organisation Trophy for their role in the pandemic, 50 nursing staff demonstrated in front of Princess Grace Hospital (CHPG) to air their grievances.

A spokesperson said that the number of protesters was just a token of the number of staff who are unhappy about working conditions at CHPG. More than one thousand staff have signed a protest petition asking for better salaries and improved conditions but were not physically present at the protest because they were working.

Peggy Lantrade, a nurse and member of the Syndicat des Agents Hospitaliers (SAH) union, told the press: “We love our CHPG and also have this duty to sound the alarm when things are not going well. And today all is not well at the CHPG.”

Talks have already taken place with the Ministry of Health and are continuing, protesters said.

Olivier Ciquet, assistant secretary of the SAH, said that one particular bone of contention is the fact that nurses must now pay for car parking at the hospital whereas previously it was free for those who work there.

Mr Cliquet expressed the view of protesters when he said: “The Monaco hospital takes good care of its patients, now we ask the hospital to take care of its caregivers.”