A first-year Bachelor’s student of the International University of Monaco has received 2000 euros for winning the Red Touch Challenge organised by Monaco Red Cross. This challenge has been specifically created for young people who wish to develop solidarity projects that bring positive changes to the local community in Monaco. Elisa Buner came up with her MonacoMind idea drawing from her life experiences. 

“A few years ago, due to post-traumatic syndrome, after fleeing from an abusive household and facing homelessness at the age of 14, I had regular panic attacks,” she told NEWS.MC.

“This led me to ten years of discovering and experimenting in different supportive practices: martial arts, yoga and meditation, and I am so enthusiastic to share them, that I have certified as a Hatha yoga teacher. I thought I was alone in this situation but over time and personal growth, I was able to broaden my perception and realised that many of my classmates in middle school or high school were going through their own challenges or situations of anxiety and confusion.” 

Elisa started to look for guidance from competent people who could help her. “I approached, interviewed, participated in seminars and read the books of many of the greatest coaches of our age. Learning from them has helped me on my path of healing by redefining who I want to be today and inspired me to share what I continue learning with those who go through personal challenges in order to support a more authentic, kind and conscious world.”

The goal of MonacoMind is to mobilise our mental capacity of healing to live fully and develop our resilience toolbox through practical workshops, sharing techniques from martial arts, the science of emotions, meditation and more.

With the financial support of Monaco Red Cross her idea will soon become a reality. The activities of MonacoMind will start in June with a series of workshops on the topic of resilience and concrete exercises to integrate into our daily life in order to increase our resilience.

Despite her young age, Elisa has been involved in volunteer work since 2015, tutoring Maths and English and recently as a translator for refugees. 

A Mensa member, a speaker of seven languages including Hebrew, Sanskrit and Tibetan, Elisa believes that her real growth comes from contribution: “I see myself continuing to learn new techniques to be able to share them and support others on their path. I would really like to become a more active contributor in the humanitarian field and build schools, in Nepal for example. Yoga and meditation are an important aspect of my life and I also wholeheartedly wish to continue my personal practice and develop it through meditation retreats.”

PHOTO: Jérôme FOUGERAS LAVERGNOLLE Treasurer, Director of the Sancta Devota Foundation, HSH Prince Albert II, Elisa Buner, Frédéric PLATINI Secretary General of the Monegasque Red Cross.