Just three months ago (November 2021) the “MyCrown Collection” yachting etiquette line of luxury products announced collaboration with the Prince Albert II Foundation.

The entrepreneur Mrs Sophia Tsouvelekakis who is the creative mind behind the brand (and President of the Hellenic Community of Monaco) inspired by the urge for sustainability committed to donate 30 percent of the revenues generated by the sales of the MyCrown Collection decorative pillows in Monaco, for the use of the foundation.

The amount gathered from the campaign MyCrown Collection “Pillows for a Purpose” reached €3,000 by December 31, 2021.
Sophia Vaharis Tsouvelekakis, is a curious mix of entrepreneur and sentimentalist. This mix inspired a collection of home décor pieces made entirely from repurposed clothing and sustainably sourced fabrics, giving a second life to tired pieces and helping the environment at the same time.

The idea came about when Mrs Tsouvelekakis was going through old clothing in her and her family’s closets. She came upon several pieces she knew would never be worn again, but she didn’t have the heart to give them up. Instead of simply shoving them back into the closets, where they would take up space and never see the light of day, she took out a sewing machine and turned old clothing into new, usable home decorations.

The result was first her hallmark pillows and table napkins created from shirts, scarves, dresses, and skirts, which she soon decided was more than just a personal project, but a fantastic idea for a small business venture.

The MyCrown Collection pillows are available in Monaco at Brooks Brothers boutique (Yacht Club de Monaco, Quai Louis II) and at YellowKorner Monte Carlo (1, Avenue Henry Dunant), In Cannes at Eden Grey (17 Bd de la Croisette), In Saint-Tropez at EKLE HOME (8 Rue de la Poste).

PHOTO: Mrs Sophia Vaharis Tsouvelekakis giving the €3,000 cheque to the CEO & Vice President of the Prince Albert II Foundation, Mr Olivier Wenden.