Didier Gamerdinger, Monaco’s Minister of Health, has said that Princess Grace Hospital is under pressure during this stage of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

As is also the case in the UK and France, it’s not just high case numbers that are making life difficult, but also staff absences, partly due to positive cases needing to self-isolate.

“So yes, the Monaco hospital is under tension… Especially since we also face an absence of staff… So far we have not been forced to transfer patients and we have not done any deprogramming (postponement of operations). However, the CHPG is starting to look to see if certain less urgent interventions can be postponed. The situation is therefore very worrying and we are responding to it with these measures,” Mr Gamerdinger said.

Although a large number of patients with coronavirus are not hospitalised, about five percent of these patients are receiving significant clinical support, often requiring oxygen, the minister said.

FILE PHOTO: Minister of Health Didier Gamerdinger