Minister of State Pierre Dartout spoke to an enthusiastic gathering on Monday evening at the Club of Foreign Residents of Monaco, where he spoke about the attractiveness of the Principality and touched on other topics.

Mr Dartout said that the fact that so many nationalities are represented in Monaco is one of its strengths. Speaking in French, the Minister said that the Principality continues to offer many benefits for those who wish to come to live here.

He highlighted the high level of security, which is an object of envy for many French towns, the high quality of medical services and a very varied cultural offering.

However, nothing is perfect, he said, and added that the high density of housing, traffic congestion and the issues posed by the fact that tens of thousands of commuters travel to Monaco each day pose problems of which the Government is very aware and is addressing.

Mr Dartout added that although the coronavirus pandemic has been a huge problem, it has also served as an accelerator of two trends, working from home and digitalisation.

“I have a scoop, for you,” he told the audience. “Coronavirus is not finished.” He added that although Monaco has a high vaccination rate, which is indispensable in the fight against the virus, the inoculation rate among young people is not totally satisfactory.

On a positive note, Mr Dartout said that the Monaco population has been very disciplined, and this has aided the fight against the pandemic.

Mr Dartout was warmly thanked by CREM President Louisette Levy Soussan Azzoaglio and club director Chris Dhondt, who commented on the great success of the evening.

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PHOTO: Chris Dhondt, HE Pierre Dartout, and CREM President Louisette Levy Soussan Azzoaglio Ian Brodie