Professional dancer and new mum, Jodie Bellamy shares her Monaco favourites with us this week. Jodie is originally from the UK and came to Monaco ten years ago with an English production called Spirit of the Dance, a modern take on cabaret. While in Monaco she met her husband, Elliot, and gave birth to her first baby in July. Jodie is now part of the dance troupe MC Performers, which stages performances for galas and special events, and will be performing at three venues in Monaco for the upcoming New Year’s Eve celebrations. @mcperformers

I get my morning coffee and croissant here

Throughout my pregnancy I went to Barbiss Café, just off Place d’Armes. They have the most amazing croissants, with sweet fillings like Nutella or jam. Those croissants are lethal, I put on 4 stone during my pregnancy, but I love them. They also make fresh orange and grapefruit juice using the fruit from the market. It’s great value too.

My favourite lunch spot

Eola in Place d’Armes, because I do like healthy options. I always have the Mexican Bowl, made however you want. Their peanut butter and banana sandwich is amazing too. It’s just fun with a casual vibe and it’s great place to hang out with the baby. Their juices are delicious as well.

Best Friday night aperitif

There is a new place called Super Nature on rue Princesse Caroline. They serve only organic wine, grown in St Tropez. It is unbelievable, just a really cool hangout. They have a new chef who is making some exciting meals. But it’s relaxed enough that you can feel like you can take the pram there and enjoy a glass of wine with friends.

Annual event I never miss

The Christmas Market. I like it because it lets you know that Christmas is coming. There is a fun, cheery buzz about it. I like the atmosphere. You get to wear your bobble hat, have a mulled wine and just take a nice stroll among all the lights and pretty decorations.

Favourite time of year in the Principality

October, because its my birthday and summer is over. It feels like a relief. I love the weather, you just need jeans and a jumper. It’s in between summer and winter, lots of sun, and not too hot. Libra season!

My best Monaco workout

My friend Emma Wilkinson, who is an ex-dancer from the Lido in Paris is now teaching Gyrotonics at the Forge gym in Fontvielle. It is a mix of yoga, dance, tai chi, and swimming done on a three-part machine. I went during and after my pregnancy. It is great because it is low impact and a lot of breath work. It makes you feel long and lean. @energizewithemma

Where I go/what I do for “me time”

I like the Princess Grace Rose Garden. It is so pretty and I like to sit opposite the fountain, it can be quite meditative. And I love the seaside walk to Plage Mala. Really, you can go anywhere in the world and can’t beat it. It makes you grateful and reminds you why we live here.

My go to shop for last-minute gifts

For special gifts I go to Monaco Marine, just off the port. Everything is so cute in there. I just bought some lovely incense crystals that ended up being a gift for myself. Otherwise a Nike voucher, because everyone loves active wear.

A hidden gem I’m willing to share

Just above St Charles inside the Beausoleil market is a place called Café FouFou. You can get a great matcha or turmeric latè, and avocado on toast. It’s the perfect brunch food.

Best day trip out of town

If you drive through Menton, just across the Italian border, there is a tiny little bay with the clearest water and there is a restaurant with the best Italian food called Balzi Rossi. We went the entire summer. They have great cocktails and we always have the lobster linguine or the grilled prawns fresh from San Remo with burrata. It’s incredible there. And in the summer they put up a cinema screen in the water and there are tables on the beach so you can sit and watch a film while having the most delicious dinner.

The one thing I would change about Monaco if I could

Right now, there is no space for the performing arts. There is nowhere to do drama, singing or dance classes, no teaching spaces. I find that quite sad, especially for kids. Where are all the arts?

The Shout Out

It has to be Kevin Smeenk. He is a hairdresser who comes to your house and does colour, cut, blow-dry, whatever you want. He is very creative and can do any look you want. He can help prep you for an event and will bring a makeup artist too. He even has his own line of products. @vibesbykevinsmeenk

Thanks for sharing your Monaco, Jodie!