The concept store La Loggia by Garbarino at 40 Boulevard des Moulins has created a remarkable new display of exclusive interior designer pieces connected through the theme of Japan.

Japanese traditional art, craftwork and history come alive in this pure and elegant space with the magical touch of interior architect Amandine Chanut under the supervision of  the director of the store, David Garbarino.

This new staging is called REIWA in reference to the era of the New Emperor. Meaning ‘Beautiful Harmony,’ this new display illustrates David Garbarino’s desire to cast light on the rich ‘savoir faire’ through different periods with harmony and flair.

Samurai armour will greet you in the window display, Ikebana pieces will literally express “the art of bringing flowers to life” and Hanakago or ‘baskets of flowers” made according to the Japanese technique of weaving bamboo – show the fundamental art of its own.

You can also see and buy Japanese traditional lacquer boxes Suzuri Bako (ink boxes) used to hold writing implements, Japanese hanging scrolls with a painting or calligraphy mounted on silk or paper and your purchases will be wrapped according to the traditional technique of folding and tying fabric for wrapping the gifts: Furoshiki.

Designers at Vissionaire, Garbarino’s official partner, produced an exquisite array of unique pieces of furniture that seamlessly integrate into the space with beauty of line, noble materials and an environmental philosophy.

Japanese contemporary art is also claiming its space here through the Association Monaco Friends of Japan (AMFJ). Their participation in the Reiwa Exhibition has further reinforced the link and connection between professional decorators and experts in Japanese culture.

You can view or acquire the exclusive pieces that are on display until February 28, 2022. After that the concept store will take a break and no doubt surprise us with another artfully-curated theme.

PHOTO: Silvia Romeo of Visionnaire, David Garbarino, Noriko Bonefede, curator of Japanese contemporary art for Garbarino Interior Design