Former racing driver and Monegasque Clivio Piccione has teamed up with Ferrari driver and fellow Monegasque Charles Leclerc to bring an all-new and electric karting championship to life.

The ‘Monaco E Kart Championship’ is the brainchild of Piccione, who has come to know a thing or two about electrified kart racing, having operated an electric kart track for a decade in the Principality.

The world of motorsport is notorious for being advantageous to wealthier contestants, be it at this youth level, or in the big leagues wherein the likes of Mercedes and Red Bull dominate against smaller and less well off teams.

Combining electricity with equality, the championship would see every driver compete in the same electric machine, providing each driver with an equal opportunity to prove their pace on the track.

The machines themselves will be provided in partnership with Leclerc’s own karting brand titled ‘Charles Leclerc’, which will ensure that the young drivers have equally competent equipment.

Piccione and his team also stress the importance of educating younger generations about environmental issues that are becoming harder to ignore by the day.

The championship would see young drivers across three age categories put their speed to the test in the six championship races that have been scheduled for 2022.

Young drivers from the age of 7 to 11 years, juniors from 11 to 14 years and seniors from 14 years of age will compete, with the machines varying in power in accordance with the age category.

Three stages are expected to be raced in Monaco, and the championship is set to extend to a stage in Menton, with the possibility of a race in Nice and Italy. However, that is yet to be confirmed.

Head over to the Monaco E Kart Championship website to discover more.

Featured image courtesy of @__JP_Photography on Instagram