Young Belgian-Greek artist Samantha Ganotakis enjoyed a popular grand opening at her first ever exhibition on Thursday, September 23, at the L’Entrepôt gallery in Monaco, alongside the ever-colourful artwork of Dave van Dorst.

From body to art

Speaking to NEWS.MC, Ganotakis told us all about her contemporary artworks and the unusual methods that contribute to their creation.

Having studied law and pursued a career in criminology, Ganotakis now focusses her attention on abstract expressionism in art.

Passionate about the place of women in society, Ganotakis’ striking pieces often highlight the woman’s body.

Rather unconventionally, she often utilises her own body as a paintbrush, adding an ultimately personal touch to her artistic creations.

“Women have always fascinated me, hence my unceasing interest in recreating feminine curves and emphasising the beauty of the female anatomy. Being able to convey this fascination to others through my art makes me feel free and alive!” says Ganotakis.

A walk around the L’Entrepôt gallery leaves the visitor with a distinct impression that Ganotakis is inspired by the anthropometric works of Yves Klein, and that her own artistic career is just getting started.

Discover more about Ganotakis and her work through her website.

From the heart to the hearts

The L’Entrepôt gallery was made all the more colourful by the work of Dave van Dorst, a Dutch artist whose hearts can already be found throughout the Principality.

Based in Monaco, van Dorst uses acrylic paint to bring his creations to life, and while his artworks range in colour and size, his distinct style remains vivid and vibrant.

Speaking to NEWS.MC, van Dorst said that he felt delighted to be exhibiting his work alongside that of Ganotakis on the special occasion of her first exhibition.

As all good things must come to an end, so did this exhibition, but art lovers must worry not, as the ‘MY ART GOES BOOM’ series of exhibitions continues this week with an exhibition of the work of Joris Brantuas titled ‘Abstraction Libre’.

This exhibition, which has been organised by van Dorst and Brantuas, will be held at the L’Entrepôt gallery at 22 rue de Millo, Monaco with a cocktail opening from 18:30 on Thursday, September 30.

Discover more about van Dorst and his work here.

Featured image: Samantha Ganotakis and Dave van Dorst alongside their respective artworks