The major summer exhibition at the Grimaldi Forum, organised in collaboration with the Giacometti Foundation, was unanimously acclaimed as a great success in every way and undoubtedly renewed the public’s interest in this major artist of the 20th century.

Considered one of the largest retrospectives of the work of sculptor and painter Alberto Giacometti, this exhibition presented nearly 230 artworks in a space of over 2,500 square metres. Visitors were able to meet another Giacometti, one who experimented with the limits of sculpture, and the formidable painter who also practised, alongside portraits, the genres of landscape and still life.

The exhibition welcomed an average of 600 visitors each day, mainly from Monaco and France, but also from abroad.

The success of the summer exhibition helped the Principality’s principle cultural and conference centre to regain its rightful place in the European cultural landscape. 

Francesco Grosoli, CEO of CMB Monaco, the Grimaldi Forum’s official and historic partner, said: “This retrospective was exceptional, in line with the great monographs of artists already presented by the Grimaldi Forum Monaco – Dali, Bacon, Picasso and Warhol.

“Our clients and prospects, who are great art lovers, were very enthusiastic about it. Its quality reflected our ambition in terms of sponsorship, and we are proud to contribute to the cultural influence of the Principality.”