The highly-anticipated networking events organised by MonacoUSA resumed on Tuesday, after almost a year exclusively on social media under the supervision of Carl Henry, who dedicated his toast on the evening to much-beloved Kate Powers.

“This is the first event when we do not have Kate with us,” he said. “I was asked how would I sum up what I thought of her. The first thing is her smile, she was very humble and she always radiated positivity. Whatever she did, she always added value to every opportunity.”

While The Beach Party guests at Neptune, on Larvotto Beach, had the chance to raise a glass of a new luxury sparkling wine, a revolutionary mix of champagne and cannabis terpenes, executive director of MonacoUSA Annette Anderson welcomed everyone with inspiration from a friend of hers, an astrologist who has been telling her for the past few years that we are all heading for a period of great transformation.

“I don’t think anybody here would deny that we are all in fact in this period of transformation and certainly MonacoUSA is feeling it as well. We are going to see some transformation in terms of the events, there will be new events with some of the old ones that we all love, you will see a lot more collaboration and a lot more people chipping in in order to make this opportunity to get together and to be in touch as often as possible.”

The next event will be the popular Quiz, in October 26 at Stars’n’Bars, the usual April date having slipped by in Covid. But no need to wait till next year. “We are definitely ready now”, says Annette.

Featured image: Annette Anderson, Carl Henry and Natalia Akerlund, director and co-owner of Vino Royale Monte Carlo, sponsor of the evening