A delegation from the Commission against Racism and Intolerance of the Council of Europe (ECRI) paid a visit to Monaco from May 31 to June 2. Created in 1993, this independent Commission makes visits to all Council of Europe member states in five-year cycles. It then develops policy recommendations as to how each country could deal with the problems identified.

This was the fourth visit by this Commission to the Principality since Monaco joined the Council of Europe in 2004.

During their stay, members of the delegation met with Robert Gelli, Secretary of State for Justice, Director of Judicial Services; Didier Linotte, President of the Supreme Court; Sylvie Petit-Leclair, Attorney General; Jérôme Fougeras Lavergnolle, Vice-President of the Court of First Instance. They also met with representatives of the National Council, the Town Hall, Civil Society and the High Commissioner for Human Rights for the Protection of Rights, Freedoms and Mediation.

Round tables were held involving this Commission, representatives of the Government, the Directorate of Judicial Services and the Labor Court. Equality and effective access to rights were thus addressed; hate speech and hate motivated violence; integration and inclusion. The visitors agreed that situation relating to hate speech remain marginal in a peaceful Monegasque society and underlined the quality of the steps taken in the field of education.

ORIGINAL SOURCE & PHOTO: Monaco Government Press Service