The Monaco Streaming Film Festival and Grundy Media have joined forces to recognise the highest tier of outstanding contributors in film and global media with the introduction of the Reg Grundy Innovation Award.

The Reg Grundy Innovation Award recognises groundbreaking industry leaders who, like Reg Grundy, have boldly and brilliantly expanded the Global Entertainment Industry.

Mrs. Joy Chambers-Grundy said “I am delighted to partner with the Monaco Streaming Film Festival to launch this esteemed legacy to my extraordinary husband Reg Grundy. Reg’s masterful ability to always push beyond limits, and to turn unimaginable dreams into reality was truly exceptional. Reg’s innovative philosophy, ‘be local to be global’, amassed for him international success, opened the door for all others to follow, and saw him pursue his life-long passion of entertaining people in every country around the globe.”

Featured image: legendary media mogul Reg Grundy