Residents of the Principality often become accustomed to the sights and sounds of passing supercars on their home streets, while these same machines draw the attention of tourists in mass numbers.

Ironically though, the people of Monaco still love supercars, otherwise they wouldn’t own more of them per head than they do in any other country worldwide.

This conclusion has recently benefited from the support of an Australian website, which took to Instagram to determine the supercar capital of the world through the analyses of related Instagram posts.

In their own words, “Chasing Cars analysed thousands of Instagram posts to see which brands we’re driving in which countries and cities… We balanced the number of supercar brand hashtags against the number of motorists in each place to find whose roads boast the highest density of supercar drivers.”

The Aussies analysed the geotags of 10 supercar company hashtags on Instagram and then compared them to the number of registered motorists in each country to find out. However, such a study is based on ratios, so the scale rewards small, rich countries and the results should be taken with a pinch of salt.

As a result of its sheer size, America doesn’t really compete with 66 supercars per 1,000 drivers, but this is still a stronger result than that of France’s 63 and Germany’s 58.

While the United Arab Emirates forges ahead with 122 supercars per 1000 drivers, little rich Switzerland takes a surprisingly slower approach at just 90.

Moving hastily on to the top three, we find a few surprises before reaching Monaco. In third place is Portugal with 136 supercars per 1000, although quite a few of them may belong to Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Danes take silver as their 162 supercars wasn’t nearly enough to take the crown. In first place by a considerable margin is Monaco, with a whopping 3,051 shiny supercars per 1,000 drivers.

The results are, of course based on Instagram photos and hashtags, but they reflect the truth nevertheless, and Monaco is the world capital of supercars yet again.