Despite the fact that the health emergency in France continues to rage, with only a slight dip in key indicators, the French authorities seem determined to loosen some restrictions.

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal said on Wednesday, April 21, that the 10-kilometre limit on travel will be lifted and travel between regions will also be permitted. Younger schoolchildren will return to school on April 26, followed by senior school pupils one week later.

However, there has been no firm decision on when bars, cafes and restaurants can reopen their outside spaces. President Macron has mentioned mid-May as a turning point, but again no firm date has been set.

Also in doubt is whether the French government will reopen the economy on a regional basis according to local health scenarios. It’s one option on the table, but no decision has yet been taken, Attal said.

In France on Wednesday, 34,968 new cases and 313 new deaths were reported. In contrast, 2,396 new cases and 22 new deaths were recorded in the UK.

FILE PHOTO: Gabriel Attal Reuters