The Italian government is set to introduce a mandatory five-day quarantine for travellers from European Union member states, as a third wave of coronavirus infections takes its toll throughout Europe. A PCR test will re required at the start of the five days and at their end. Italian residents are included in the restrictions.

Previously, the quarantine measure had only been imposed on travellers arriving into Italy from beyond the EU. The new measure was announced on Tuesday, March 30, and will last until Monday, April 5 so as to cover the Easter weekend.

As Italy’s death toll has recently surpassed 108,000, the country’s authorities are keen to stem the flow of the pandemic, and continue to impose extra measures. In the Liguria province, for example, people have been banned from visiting their second homes and boats.

While Liguria is currently an ‘Orange Zone’, most other Italian provinces fall into the ‘Red Zone’ category, and subsequently find themselves under lockdown. However, the entire country will be in lockdown over the Easter holiday weekend.

Featured image: The Italian town of Vernazza, one of five towns that make up the ‘Cinque Terre’ located in the Italian Riviera