Martin Peronnet, the CEO of Monaco Telecom, told a special programme on MonacoInfo on Monday night that the service provider’s new fibre service will transform the way we use the Internet in the Principality.

“We are aware that we are living a decisive stage in the digital life of Monaco. Digital is more and more at the heart of everyone’s life, and fibre will be the network that will perform these uses for at least the next 20 years … We are not just launching a network, we are launching a new experience, which we want of the highest quality, to be among the most innovative.”

“We have been working on this for several years, a new generation of internet service in Monaco. We are ahead of our neighbours and other countries in Europe,” Mr Peronnet said.

The system is also more economic, because it uses much less power – three times less. All the plastics used in the new Monaco Telecom Box are recyclable. “We are very proud to be in the forefront of the implementation of this technology,” Mr Peronnet added.

Frédéric Genta, “who is in charge of digital transition in Monaco, said: “With the arrival of fibre, the Principality is increasing its capacity to accelerate its digital transformation by offering a more stable network that is 10 times faster in terms of connectivity and wifi. This new technological step responds to three sets of users: that of residents of course, but also that of companies faced with the new needs of teleworking and finally of the country which benefits from a tremendous advantage of attractiveness .”

Mr Genta stressed the importance of security, especially important for banks operating in Monaco. The Principality’s sovereign cloud will ensure the highest standards of security, he said.

Sixty-two percent of buildings in Monaco are already connected to the fibre network.

PHOTO: Martin Peronnet, presenter Sébastien Borgnat and Frédéric Genta