Italian media mogul and former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi was admitted to hospital in Monaco on Thursday, according to the Italian press.

The 84 year-old had been suffering from an arrhythmical cardiac problem, according to Dr Alberto Zangrillo, who visited Berlusconi in southern France on Monday. The former premier had been staying at a villa in Valbonne, where he had also spent most of the coronavirus lockdown.

“I urgently went to where the premier is temporarily living, in southern France, due to a worsening (in his condition),” Dr Zangillo said. He decided to send his patient to Monaco’s prestigious Cardio-Thoracic Centre rather than risk a longer journey to Milan.

Berlusconi caught the coronavirus in September, which he said at the time was “the most dangerous and frightening experience” of his life.

FILE PHOTO: Silvio Berlusconi Reuters