HSH Prince Albert II called for hope and optimism in his New Year’s message, which was broadcast by the Prince’s Palace at 19:00 on December 31. The sovereign began his message on a positive note, saying that “The year 2020 is coming to an end,” and wasted no time in addressing the elephant in the room, that this year “will remain in our memories, marked by doubt, fear, pain, because of the Covid-19 pandemic which is spread across our planet.”

His Serene Highness continued by reflecting on the impact that the pandemic has had on all sectors of industry and in all parts of our lives. This was swiftly followed by a call to avoid discouragement in the face of the challenges which have been forced upon us throughout 2020, and a call for political leaders and countries to “commit to confronting our future in a spirit of innovation.”

The Prince subsequently underlined the importance of curiosity, discovery and creativity to emerge stronger, in order “to face the major environmental and social challenges”, before paying tribute to the people “whose suffering has been exacerbated by conflict, humanitarian crises or the natural disasters that are becoming more and more frequent due to climate change.”

A champion of environmentalism himself, the sovereign Prince explained that it is our responsibility to leave future generations “a planet that is both living and liveable.”

Looking ahead to 2021, Prince Albert was wholeheartedly positive in his message, saying that the new year will see the Principality overcome the current ordeal, thanks to its “strong economic and social model, and the talented people in our private and public sectors.” Continuing in this encouraging tone, the Prince added that “Our greatest asset is our collective intelligence and the desire to build a better future together.”

The Head of State concluded what was a necessarily hope-inspiring speech with an assurance of his “unwavering commitment to leading the Principality out of the health crisis and towards a more stable, more prosperous and more just future.” Thereafter, HSH Princess Charlene joined her husband on screen so that the royal couple could extend their warmest wishes for 2021, and wish everyone a happy new year.

You can also watch the full speech, with English subtitles, here.

Featured image courtesy of Eric Mathon of the Palais Princier. HSH Prince Albert and his wife, HSH Princess Charlene address the Principality in a welcomely warm message