As part of the program for the restoration and conservation of the works of the Cathedral, initiated in 2016 by the Department of Cultural Affairs, “The Virgin with the Rosary” (Italian School, XVIth century, Oil on canvas 180x140x20cm) has just regained its place. The restoration operations were carried out by Atelier2Restauration by Florence Feuardent, authorised to work for museums and French Historical Monuments.

Over the past six months, several processes were carried out: – a phase of curative conservation actions on the support; the pictorial layer and the frame to stop the evolutionary phenomena of degradation and preserve the integrity of the work; – a phase of restoration actions aimed at improving the appreciation of the work and its aesthetic aspect.

The work being particularly variable, it appeared essential to protect it with a climatic chamber device. This is installed on the back of the existing frame without visually modifying the work, but it allows it to be isolated from its direct environment and to protect it from the main deterioration factors such as humidity and variations in temperature.

The realisation and installation of the device were carried out by Atelier Gilles Tournillon, specialist in cabinetmaking and restoration, whose work is widely recognised in the art world.

Monaco Cathedral is home to many painted works, 10 of which have already been restored, including, in 2020, the “Virgin with the Rosary” as well as two “organ doors” where Saints are represented (Oil on wood).

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Diocese of Monaco