The Muneguda Federation has been established with the purpose of organising, supervising and developing this first 100-percent Monegasque martial art.

The Founding Steering Committee is made up of Maître Alice Pastor (President), Ms. Cécile Gélabale (honorary member and vice-president), Ms. Félicia Pouget (vice-president and treasurer), Maître Thomas Brezzo (honorary member and vice-president), and Claude Pouget, (vice-president, technical director and secretary general).

Muneguda is a synthesis of around twenty disciplines and created by Claude Pouget, founder and technical director of the International Academy of Martial Arts of Monaco.

“Forty-four children and adolescents were the first to benefit from the teaching of Muneguda, within the International Academy of Martial Arts of Monaco, before the recent suspension of sporting activities linked to the Covid 19 pandemic,” said Maître Alice Pastor, President.

“A vocabulary of around one hundred words has been put in place with the benevolent contribution of Mrs. Karyn Ardisson Salopek and Mr. Stephan Maggi, Professor of Monegasque, added Ms. Pastor.

The young practitioners of Muneguda were able to benefit recently from a free course for them provided by a legend of martial arts in the person of Master Dominique Valera, 9th Dan / Degree of Karate and Kickboxing.

For info – – Tel 06 07 93 31 36

PHOTO: With Maître Alice Pastor, from right to left, Maître Thomas Brezzo, Félicia Pouget, Cécile Gélabale and Claude Pouget. (copyright: rivieraphoto @ fmamm)