President Emmanuel Macron outlined a three-stage plan for the end of France’s second lockdown in a TV address on Tuesday evening.

In some respects the first loosening of the rules, from the morning of Saturday, November 28, is more wide-ranging than expected. However, bars and restaurants will stay closed.

The curfew will stay in place, starting one hour later, at 21:00 and lasting one hour longer, until 07:00. The need to fill in and carry an “attestation” will stay in place, but it will be possible to be out of the house for up to three hours in place of the present 60 minutes.

It will also be possible to travel further away from home, up to 20 kilometres.

A second relaxation of lockdown will happen on December 15, when cinemas and theatres will be opened, but still with the 21:00 to 07:00 curfew in place. There will no longer be a requirement to carry an “attestation.”

On the nights of December 24 and 31 the nightly curfew will be lifted.

If the number of new coronavirus cases stays below 5,000 per day, on January 20 bars and restaurants will be allowed to reopen, a moment very much awaited by French citizens.

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