The UK government has refused to take up the case of the British whistle-blower Jonathan Taylor, who is waiting to hear if he will be extradited from Croatia to Monaco.

Earlier this year the Principality had issued an Interpol Red Notice for the former lawyer, who was arrested at the end of July when he arrived in Dubrovnik on a seven-day family holiday.

Having been first thrown in jail, Mr Taylor is currently on bail and still in Dubrovnik.

He is a former employee of SBM Offshore, one of Monaco’s major employers. The company was made to pay $827 million dollars in fines after Mr Taylor revealed an extensive system of bribery and corruption at the Dutch-owned company.

He later demanded a significant sum for wrongful dismissal and it appears that on that basis SBM Offshore took the case to court in Monaco. This was in fact a renegotiation of a mutual termination agreement where he was represented by a lawyer which he selected and paid for by SBM.

The company later dropped its complaint and said this summer that it no longer has any legal issues with Mr Taylor.

On Monday the House of Commons in London debated Mr Taylor’s case at some length, with cross-party support for his plight and MPs calling for the UK government to do more to secure his release.

The Monegasque judicial authorities have not been willing to discuss the charges behind the warrant for Mr Taylor’s arrest.

PHOTO: Jonathan Taylor Supplied