Despite a considerable increase in coronavirus cases in recent days – with some respite on Sunday and Monday – the Monaco Government is holding fast to its two-barrelled policy of enforcing health safety measures and keeping businesses open as much as is possible.

Speaking to the Monegasque press on Monday, Minister of State Pierre Dartout repeatedly emphasised the necessity for everyone to wear masks in public places, “to protect just not yourself but others.”

The Minister said that Monaco continues to have far fewer cases than France, with many more tests being carried out and therefore more cases coming to light.

He added that it is still too early to measure the effects of the measures introduced recently in Monaco, but perhaps by the end of this week we will see them.

“We have never considered a lockdown and we don’t now,” Mr Dartout said.

Using fighting talk, he added: “The battle will be won if everyone follows the rules, to protect themselves and others.”

“Then we have a good chance to win the battle and also protect the economy.”

PHOTO: Socially-distanced Ministers: Minister of Interior Patrice Cellario (left) speaks while Pierre Dartout (centre) looks on. On the right is Didier Gamerdinger, Minister of Health and Social Affairs