Three members of the Prince’s Government were vaccinated against seasonal flu on Thursday, marking the effective start of the vaccination campaign in Monaco.

With the circulation of coronavirus still very active, the Government strongly recommends that everyone be vaccinated. It is very important to do everything possible to limit the combined effects of the two viruses which could circulate at the same time.

In order to ensure that the vaccination is as effective as possible during the health crisis, it is primarily aimed at the most fragile people in terms of health. Health professionals who are authorised to vaccinate will initially only do so for Monegasque patients or residents over 65 who will have a certificate issued by social funds, to nursing staff.

In practice, patients over 65 have received a voucher from the social funds (SPME or CCSS) without having to take any steps. This voucher allows the free delivery of one vaccine per person in a pharmacy. The patient can then have the vaccine administered by the pharmacist, the attending physician or an independent nurse.

The Government will soon communicate information on the flu vaccinations for other groups. The goal of the Monegasque health authorities is to get as many people as possible to be vaccinated. For this reason, the flu vaccine is, this year, fully reimbursed for anyone affiliated with the Monegasque social security system. In this period of coronavirus, being vaccinated against the flu has many advantages.

Since flu and coronavirus in its early stages have similar symptoms, diagnosis will be speedier when a patient is vaccinated, and pressure on the health care system alleviated.

PHOTO: Minister of State Pierre Dartout receives his flu injection

ORIGINAL SOURCE & PHOTO: Monaco Government Press Service