Since September 20, every tennis player to use the showers of the Jean Bouin training facility has engaged in water resource preservation. The used water in question is indeed recycled thanks to technology developed by FGWRS, a Monaco-based start-up, and has replaced the facility’s drinkable water which would normally be used to flush the toilets. This is the first case of the installation, albeit temporary, of a system that preserves water and energy resources in France as more than 50 percent of the heat contained in recycled grey waters is recovered to pre-heat the water supply.

Grey water is the technical name of any water that is a product of domestic activities, excluding going to the toilet, which produces black water. You get the idea. This technology isn’t exactly new, but after around 20 years of development alongside the European Space Agency, FGWRS, has reached “perfect control” over the highly necessary technology.

Thanks to this control, FGWRS is planning on rolling out its technology to medium and large sized collective housing before making the system readily available in individual homes. This tech is pleasantly profitable, not just for the creator but also the consumer. As a reference, for a hotel with 178 rooms and 50,000 nights/year, FGWRS will save €36,000 on the water bill and €15,000 for electricity.

“The FGWRS technology is reliable and safe. Based on studies for spatial research, it is backed up by 15 years of experience gathered in the Antarctic research station Concordia where the system has been running ever since, with no technical or health incident reported.” To discover more about this Monaco-based tech start-up click on the link here.

Featured image courtesy of FGWRS