Based on a decision made by the Monegasque Government, L’Opera de Monte-Carlo has received the ‘Monaco Safe’ label. The label was established on July 8 of this year in order to create a calm climate of trust between individuals and organisations regarding health and sanitary standards in the time of coronavirus.

Obtaining the ‘Monaco Safe’ label requires applicants to completely implement specific health protocols set by the health authorities of the Principality in order to combat the spread of Coronavirus. The Monegasque Government said in a statement that “the Principality is a safe and attractive place, and will continue to be so.”

It is just as well that the Opera has been awarded the label as a recently released 2020/21 season calendar promises a whole host of concerts such as ‘Carmen’, ‘Thaïs’ and ‘Belganto’. Its going to be a busy year. To discover more about that click here and if anything does strike your fancy, remember to wear a mask!