Having experienced a turbulent time throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the schools of Monaco are confident in their preparation for the 2020/21 school year, which starts on Monday, September 7.

The Director of National Education, Madame Isabelle Bonnal, addressed the press at the  Lycée Technique with a presentation that described every new precautionary measure and educational development since schools closed earlier this year.

A “normal” return to school is the idea, despite the obvious impact that the virus will have on everyday classroom life. Students will of course be required to wear masks, while maintaining a distance of up to 1.5 metres on school grounds. Reunited friends will not be allowed to hug and shaking hands is not advisable either. The requirement to wear masks will apply to all children, from the age of six.

In order to best prepare for all eventualities, three scenarios have been considered; moderate circulation, a confirmed coronavirus case either of a staff member or student, and very active circulation – which could see schools closing again.

The Prince’s government has been actively involved in the strengthening of educational establishments through digitalising the learning process. All teachers have been issued new computers in order to tackle the online learning situation. Teachers will also regain access to the 200m2 ‘EduLab’, inaugurated in 2019 and closed for coronavirus in 2020. This special space will allow them to interact with specialists to further develop their digital abilities in keeping with the times.

Featured image: Mme Isabelle Bonnal mid-interview, post presentation