A 26 year-old male resident of Roquebrune broke the rules of the road twice as he decided to drive without a licence on his uninsured scooter. On December 28, 2019, the young man decided to beat a French rail strike by taking the ‘Piaggio’ that was sitting in the garage so that he could get to work.

The butcher seemingly didn’t take into account a police control stationed on the Principality’s borders. Having pulled him to the side of the road, the police quickly discovered that he was without either of the documents that are vital for road users. Magistrate Jérome Fougera Lavergnolle was quick to point out in court that in the event of an accident the young man could be penalised with a lifetime’s worth of wages.

At the hearing at the Monaco Criminal Court, the accused seemed unconscious of the gravity of his actions. According to French-language newspaper Monaco Matin the defendant had this to say; “I had to go to work despite the transport strike. I could not justify my absense by the mere lack of means of transport. At that time, I had never had a motorcycle licence or taken out insurance.”

Prosecuter Alexia Brianti was less than impressed with this argument, stating that the consequences of a crash would be disastrous. The court subsequently issued two ‎€300 fines for the two infractions of the penal code that the illegitimate scooterist committed late last year.